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    Welcome to the Cashmere High School Yearbook Class page. The CHS yearbook class combines both a graded class and an ASB club. This unique class probably will be one of the hardest and most challenging classes you will ever have. At times you'll be tearing your hair out and at times you'll be enjoying one of our more laid-back moments eating pizza or doughnuts. This class will teach you many job related skills including photography, desktop publishing, advertising, sales, interviewing, and team building. We have one of the biggest budgets of the CHS ASB and probably work on one of the few lasting products students keep for the rest of their lives: their YEARBOOK. Enjoy your year and get ready for a lot of fun and hard work :-). 
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    Yearbook class rules:
    No cell phones are to be used during class unless deemed appropriate by Mrs. Kert.
    All food must be eaten in workroom – NO food or drink in library!
    Bring food and keep in student cupboard – please stay out of Mrs. Kert’s stuff.
    Clean up after yourself – wash your own dishes and put stuff away.
    Eating lunch in workroom if fine, but please don’t let your friends in.
    Keep workroom door shut and keep your mouth shut - don’t tell yearbook secrets.
    If using on a library computer, don’t work on pages in front of non-yearbook students.
    Don’t read magazines – there’s always something to do. Organize your photos and folders.
    Please use your own locker and take all your stuff with you when you leave the workroom.
    Share the computers and use sign-up sheets if necessary.
    Keep it a surprise! Hide your work– Do not let non-yearbook students see it, even at home.
    CHS Yearbook staff  
  • 2018-2019 CHS Yearbook assignments

    Note: I don't guarentee all assignments will match up with Skyward assignments. There might be a few changes, sorry.

    Assignments – First Quarter


    Turn in yearbook contract and off-campus permission form and sign grading prodedures

    30 Daily work

    Yearbook Observation Quiz

    30 Daily work

    Fall interviews

    200 daily work

    Ad sales Brainstorm

    60 daily work

    Ad sales #1

    25 Project Points

    Ad sales #2

    25 Project Points

    Ad sales #3 25 Project Points
    Ad sales #4 25 Project Points
    Ad sales #5 25 Project Points
    Ad sales #6 25 Project Points
    Successfully Log onto Jostens Yearbook Avenue 10 daily work
     Files and Folders  50 daily work
    10 Summer/beginning of school photos uploaded 100 daily work

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