• Kelsey Quinn
    Kelsey Quinn, Class of 2006

    Current Job Title/Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology, School of Medicine at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

    Job Description: I currently conduct research in a laboratory using gene targeting approaches to model human disease in cells and mice. Specifically, I research factors contributing to a healthy pregnancy in women. I study genetic and physiological aspects involved in embryo implantation and maintenance of proper communication between embryo and the mother during early pregnancy. To learn more about my laboratory/research, you can visit: http://caronlab.web.unc.edu/

    Education/Jobs that have led to my current career:

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Major: Animal Science

    Master of Science (M.S.), Major: Animal Science

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Major: Animal Science-Reproductive Physiology Emphasis Minor: Molecular Cell Biology   

    At a young age I loved animals and I always thought that the best career choice for me would be to become a veterinarian. However, towards the end of my B.S. degree, I began working in a dairy science nutrition laboratory and volunteering in an animal reproductive physiology laboratory. I had the opportunity to not only work with animals, but also conduct research that would benefit them. This initial laboratory experience sparked my interest and I decided to continue my education in animal science research. During my M.S. and Ph.D. degree I was employed as a research and teaching assistant. This employment paid for my tuition and it also helped me gain research and teaching experience. Through this research I used sheep as a model to investigate early pregnancy loss in livestock. After completing my Ph.D. I wanted to expand my knowledge related to early pregnancy loss, not only in livestock, but in humans as well. Now, by being involved in biomedical research I not only help make a difference in human lives, but animal lives too. 

    Future Career Plans: Work for the biomedical industry or work at a zoo as a reproductive physiologist related to conservation research.

    Proudest moment since high school: Making my parents proud and being selected to participate in a coursed called Frontiers in Reproduction in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

    Piece of Advice for High School Students: Stop relying on your smartphone, be in the moment, learn from experience and enjoy life’s opportunities instead. Live life like a 3-1 count, swing for the fences!!