•  Andrew Thresher

    Andrew Thresher, Class of 2009

    Job Title: Development Engineer at Systima Technologies

    Description:  Provide technical leadership for projects requiring the application and demonstration of aerospace and defense systems.  Focuses on the design, development, and demonstration of advanced technologies in support of military and aerospace development programs.  Assist in all phases of development including conceptual level design and analysis, full scale system development, prototype hardware design, fabrication, and system testing. 


    Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

    Minor in High Performance Vehicles

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 2009-2014

    Aircraft Interiors Engineer (Intern)

    United Airlines, 2013

    Future Plans: I'll be pursuing a Master of Science program in Gas Dynamics sometime in the next few years after gaining industry experience at Systima. 

    Proudest moment: During the course of development of one of our rocket programs I assembled an 11 foot rocket carrying that we launched from a floating platform several miles out in the ocean.  It was the first large scale program I worked on for Systima, and it was a lot of fun to go out and test this rocket that I had seen from conception to launch.

    Advice: Take any chance you can get to explore different career options, and once you think you've decided get some industry experience as soon as you can.  Take classes or seminars in different fields or try a short term internship.  Getting exposure early to the realities of an occupation will quickly solidify whether its where you want to go with your life.  Workplace culture is just as important as the job itself.