• Taylor Sweigard
    Taylor (Eicher) Sweigard, Class of 2010

    Taylor Sweigard is a Lead Preschool Teacher who works with young children to cultivate growth and learning in an outdoor environment. Taylor believes that every child has a natural curiosity to understand the community around them. They learn with their whole self and in doing so, they offer a unique perspective of life that often exceeds adult mindsets.

    During high school, Taylor’s first job was an Assistant to a Preschool Teacher. Taylor always knew she wanted to be a teacher but this position showed her that Early Childhood was where she felt most confident. Through new connections, she then began tutoring children with special needs. It was a unique experience that she has not forgotten. This helped start Taylor on a path towards her values and philosophies as a teacher. Attending Wenatchee Valley College, she received her Associates of Technical Science degree in Early Childhood Education. It is after that, that Taylor took a break from education and worked as a receptionist. She learned that every occurrence and relationship, helps mold the person one becomes. This understanding reminded her of the love she has for teaching. She returned to the field as a Special Education Para-Educator until eventually finding her home as an Outdoor Preschool Teacher.

    After a long journey of self-exploration, she has found a career that she is both passionate and proud of.

    Much like her beliefs in the development of young children, Taylor’s journey helped her understand the world around her though experiences that were sometimes messy, a little unconventional, and almost always exciting. Her greatest piece of advice to both young and old students is to always keep discovering- there is always more to learn about the earth beneath, the skies above, and the self from within.