• Devan Courtois

     Devan Courtois, Class of 2009

    Title: Business Analyst

    Company: Deloitte Consulting

    Job Description: I work in a team to help large client organizations tackle complex business problems. Business analysts typically fly to the client site on Monday and return home on Thursday, and clients can be located anywhere in the US. Clients can range from large hospitals to retail clients to manufacturing companies, and day-to-day work can include research, deliverable creation, financial modeling, etc.

    Education: Bachelors of Arts in Chemistry from Whitman College, with a minor in Economics.

    Previous Jobs: I taught sixth-grade science through Teach for America in Houston before starting my job as a business analyst in Dallas.

    Future Plans: I plan to attend business school and get my MBA from a top tier business school

    Proudest Moment since High School: Graduating from college summa cum with honors in Chemistry. 

    Advice: Pursue what interests you and the rest will work itself out.