• Deputy Bravo  
    Ramon R. Bravo, Class of 2008 
    My current tittle at work is deputy sheriff for Douglas County.  A brief description of my employment is working patrol; which includes responding to calls for service.  Calls for service range from investigating cold burglaries to active in progress disturbances.  On patrol I am on the lookout for violators, traffic and non-traffic, and enforce the laws with discretion while deterring crime through proactive patrolling.  

    For education, I completed a two year transfer degree from WVC.  I worked for a state agency in the service department, prior to my current employer.  

    My education and previous employer did give me some skills for my current employment, but it didn't not lead to my current employer.  I had made up my mind of working for the sheriffs office in the area I grew up.  I began my law enforcement career in 2009 by being a volunteer, a reserve deputy, for the office I currently work for, I was hired full time in 2013.  

    I don't plan on changing careers, my plan after retirement age would be to stay with the sheriffs office a few more years or transfer to a similar agency.   

    Proudest moment after high school I would have to say it Is to be able to have a family and enjoy the company of my wife and children.  

    One piece of advice for high school students is to continue with higher education and volunteer or shadow in the line of work you are interested in.  This is to get the life experiences and skills needed in today's job market, both education and experience are valuable to employers.