• Tutorials 

    Tutorials is a process where a class is broken into groups depending on what subject each student is confused about. Each group gathers at a whiteboard and one person goes up to a board and presents their point of confusion (POC). To help the presenter, the group must ask many questions without giving the answer away. As time goes on, the presenter gets closer and closer to the section they are confused about and when he/she finds it, an exclamation point is drawn to show where the problem was. After solving it, another goes up and the process starts over again. The tutorial has a 3-step process. The first step is to fill out a tutorial request form. It's a document where you write your confusion and describe what's involved, like vocab, equations, formula, steps, etc. Step two is taking notes. While a student is presenting, the group takes notes. The last step is to write a reflection. After doing Tutorials, every student writes about what they learned and what steps they can use to help solve their problems in any class. It's another way to get help and if the person is still confused, then they ask for help from their teacher. 

    Click here to get a copy of a Tutorial request form.