• Lloyd Berry

    Lloyd graduated from Cashmere High School in 1929. He lived in the same house on Flowery Divide for 68 years.

    Lloyd had many accomplishments and contributions to his hometown and county. He was a Cashmere School Board Member, and North Central Washington Museum Board member, and director of Blue Star Growers, and past-president of the Cashmere Rotary Club. In his 20-year tenure (1974-1994) as Chelan County Public Works Director, he held memberships in National Association of County Engineers, the County Road Administration Board, and the Bridge Presentation Committee. He also served as president of the Washington State Association of County Engineers.

    Lloyd Berry’s Legacy and contribution to Chelan County’s quality of life is widespread. Through his leadership thirteen county bridges were replaces and several road safety measures were adopted.

    Lloyd and his wife Susan raised two sons, Lloyd Jr. and Richard. In honor of Lloyd Berry Sr., Cashmere High School enthusiastically welcomes him to the Cashmere High School Wall of Fame, June 8, 2001.

    We proudly welcome Lloyd Berry into the Cashmere High School’s Wall of Fame.