• Duane LaVigne

    Duane LaVigne graduated from Cashmere High School in 1946. Involved in Boy Scout of America and was an Eagle and Merit badge counselor. After joining the Cashmere Fire Department in 1954, he was the assistant chief for 15 years and named “Fire Fighter of the year” in 1998.

    He served on the school board for four years. He has been secretary and president of the Cashmere Chamber of Commerce, and was the first president of the Cashmere Manufacturing Company. Duane was also a loyal rotary member, former rotary club president, and served as chairman on the trustees’ board of the Cashmere Methodist Church.

    Mr. LaVigne is known as one of the nicest community members in the valley.

    We welcome, Mr. Duane LaVigne to the Cashmere High School Wall of Fame.