• Corrisa Luedtke
    Corrisa Luedtke, Class of 2009

    Current Job Title & Description

    My current job title is… confusing. It does not help explain what I do or learn during my workday. I am a Leadership Development Specialist at Confluence Health. It is meant for new healthcare professionals to grow and develop within an organization. While there are many healthcare organizations that have similar positions around the country, this is the first of its kind in the Wenatchee Valley.

    More specifically, my day to day activities involve participation in quality improvement activities. Besides that, the goal of this position is to prepare me for a leadership role (hence the title of the position) within the organization. To do this, I am exposed to various management activities and projects.

    Healthcare is a complex, highly regulated, and very rewarding field. I am always learning something new, which is very exciting!

    Past Jobs & Education

    My education has been the main factor for where I am today. I received a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Washington in 2013. I graduated with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health (another complex title) and a minor in Spanish. This started me on the path to healthcare, but it wasn’t very clear in the beginning. I changed my mind throughout my undergraduate career many times, until I found the course of study that I felt passionate about.

    Immediately after graduation I was very lucky to land a “big girl job” with the Washington Physicians Health Program. This is an organization to help physicians having a tough time in their life, my specific role was to help with administrative duties for the office. It was an eye-opening experience and gave me a different perspective into the life of a doctor.

    About a year after my college graduation, I was accepted into the University of Washington graduate program to receive a Master of Health Administration. I worked and interned at three different healthcare systems throughout my two years in the program: CHI Franciscan, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. I also worked with various organizations in the Seattle area to develop projects and case studies with my class mates for school projects.

    Future Career Plans

    Phew… the future… there are so many possibilities within the healthcare sector that are interesting and potential career paths. There are jobs that I don’t even know exist, the world of healthcare is so vast.

    In my near future, within 1-3 years, I envision myself transitioning into my first management role. Possibly as a clinic manager with Confluence Health. After that, hopefully continuing to grow and find what in healthcare I want to have an effect on. 

    I am working to have an open mind about what opportunities come next.

    Proudest Moment

    Graduating graduate school. This was the most stressful two years I have experienced, so it felt really good walking up to get my second diploma from the University of Washington.

    But further than that, I didn’t realize in the moment the amount that I learned during my time in the program. It has not only contributed to tremendous professional growth, but also my personal growth.

    Piece of Advice

    During my undergraduate career, I spent a lot of time second guessing myself and feeling afraid that my “major” would dictate the rest of my life. While you want to pick something interesting to you, don’t feel limited by what you choose to study. There are so many careers out there, as long as you apply yourself you will be successful.

    Don’t be afraid to take a class that sounds interesting but completely outside what you have chosen to study. Sometimes those classes can spark something that you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

    Lastly, have fun and never stop learning!