• Alina Cibicki

    Alina Cibicki, Class of 2012
    Current Job Title: Full-time nursing student at Washington State University and part-time Health and Nutrition Program Assistant for Eastern Washington University Early Head Start

    Your Education/Jobs, Specifically Ones that Led to My Field: I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Community Health as well as my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University in 2015. In my current job at EHS, which I have had since 2013, I do all medical record data entry of our enrolled kiddos, so I am extremely familiar with pediatrics and how to read medical records. This has helped tons with nursing!

    Future Career Plans: I will graduate from nursing school (which was the best decision of my life! J ) this May. My fiancé works for Seattle Fire Department and I plan on joining him in Seattle upon graduation. My goal is to work at Harborview Medical Center in either the Burn ICU (Intensive Care Unit)/Pediatric ICU or the Trauma ICU. After 5 years, I want to transition to Flight Nursing (an area of nursing where you work pre-hospital in emergency situations. I would be part of a three-man team that flies into rescue-type situations and then flies the patient to the hospital).

    Your Proudest Moment Since High School: My proudest moment since high school has been running a 1:44 half marathon. I know running isn’t career related, but I feel like it’s extremely important to have a positive outlet other than school and work. I didn’t start running until after I graduated, and now it’s one of my favorite ways to distress after school or relax after work.

    One Piece of Advice for High School Students: My one piece of advice I tell every 9th and 10th grader is to do running start. I know it isn’t for every student, but it was the best decision of high school. Running start allowed me to graduate high school with an Associate Degree, it saved me over $15,000 in tuition, and it allowed me to graduate college with two Bachelor degrees at 21 years old. It may seem scary to start college as an 11th grader, but it is so worth it!