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  • Non-Resident Choice Enrollment


    Choice is a program that manages students who wish to transfer from one school district to another. If your student resides within the Cashmere School District but you would like them to attend another public school or an online school operated by a Washington public school, you are required to fill out the choice form at the resident school district to begin the "choice" process. This is the form you use if the student is planning to choice out to another District. This is also the form you would use if you wished to "choice" in a student from another school district. This process must be completed on an annual basis prior to the start of the new school year. 

    Once the form is completed, it will need to be dropped off, mailed or emailed to the Cashmere School District Office, 210 S Division, Cashmere WA 98815. Email to cibarra@cashmere.wednet.edu.   


    “Choice” es el programa que maneja estudiantes quienes desean transferir de un distrito escolar a otro.  Si su estudiante reside dentro del Distrito Escolar de Cashmere pero usted quiere que asistan a otra escuela pública o escuela en línea manejada por una escuela pública de Washington, es requerido llenar la forma “choice” en el distrito escolar donde residen para comenzar el proceso “choice”.  Esta es la forma que debe usar si el estudiante planea elegir salir a otro Distrito.  Este proceso debe ser completado anualmente previo al comienzo de cada nuevo año escolar. Formulario de Transferencia de Distrito Escolar "Choice" 

    Una vez la forma sea completada deben traerla, enviarla o mandarla por correo electrónico a la Oficina del Distrito Escolar de Cashmere, 210 S Division, Cashmere WA 98815. Correo electrónico cibarra@cashmere.wednet.edu.

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  • Learning by Choice

    This booklet is provided to answer the most commonly asked questions about student enrollment options and programs that may be available to families.
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  • Home-Based Instruction

    Washington state law recognizes the desire of some parents to seek a home-based instruction for their children. OSPI offers technical assistance to school districts that are working with parents seeking to exercise this educational right.

     RCW 28A.200.011(1) states that each person whose child is receiving home-based instruction under RCW 28A.225.010(4) must file annually a signed declaration of intent that he or she is planning to cause his or her child to receive home-based instruction. The declaration is to be filed by September 15 of the school year or within two weeks of the beginning of any public school quarter, trimester, or semester with (1) the superintendent of the public school district within which the parent resides, or (2) the superintendent of a nonresident public school district that accepts the transfer, in which case, the student is considered a transfer student of the nonresident district.

     Each school year, school district administrators are asked to complete the Home-Based Student Annual Report (Bulletin 067-10) to identify the number of students whose parents have filed declarations of intent to provide home-based instruction for the current school year. This data is used to maintain student enrollment statistics and project enrollment statistics and trends.

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  • Intent to Home School Form

    A Declaration of Intent to Home School must be filled out annually for each student you are planning to home school. This form must be done annually in August, prior to the start of the new school year. Please drop it off at the Cashmere School District Office, 210 S Division, Cashmere WA 98815.

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  • Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

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  • Request for Information About Teacher Qualifications

    (NCLB Notice)
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