• Cashmere Schools Pesticide Awareness

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Staff;

    Controlling pests is a vital part of our overall strategy for providing quality facilities. It is the policy of Cashmere Schools to use pesticides as needed to help in this endeavor. The Washington State Dept. of Agriculture governs the use of pesticides on public school facilities. Public awareness is a big part of this regulation and involves pre-notification of applications, posting at the time of application, and record keeping.

    Notification of an application is posted 48 hours in advance at the main entrance or main office of the School where the pesticide will be applied. In addition, postings are placed at entrances to the application location at the time of the application. If the school is not occupied by students for 48 hour after the pesticide application, advance notification is not required. Most of our pesticide applications are made in this manner. Other exceptions to notification also apply but postings are still placed at the time of application and remain up for a minimum of 24 hours. Each application is recorded and kept on file for seven years. Annual summaries are compiled and made available in January of each year.

    Interested parents, guardians and employees may request direct notification in advance of an application. If you wish to be notified in advance of an application, you may have your name placed on a registry and the maintenance department will notify you 48 hours in advance of applicable pesticide applications. To place your name on this registry you must make your request in writing. You must include your phone number and the contact information for the method in which you would like to be notified. Send your request to:

    Cashmere School District
    c/o Lane Keller, Groundskeeper
    210 S. Division
    Cashmere WA 98815

    If you have any questions about pesticide policy, products used, application practices, records or any concerns about pesticides, you may call Lane Keller at 782-4706.