FAQ/Important Information


    How can I contact you?

    You can contact me directly through phone or email. Typically, I’m able to respond quicker to an email than a voicemail. This is because I am unable to answer calls/check voicemails during student appointments and other meetings. However, I can quickly access and respond to email in-between meetings. When leaving a message, please provide your name, your student’s name, & a brief description of your concern, I will return your call as soon as possible.

    Please note: There may be times where I am unable to respond to you on the same day, as all inquiries are addressed in the order they are received. In addition, if there is an emergency with students and/or families, their emergency is prioritized over all other needs.


     How do I contact my student's teacher?

    You can contact your student's teacher directly through phone or email. The easiest way to identify staff phone extensions and emails is to access the teachers directory. To access, click the aforementioned link or go to the homepage of the middle school website and click the "teachers" tab. 



    Other important questions:

    What if my family is homeless?

    Your family may qualify for McKinney-Vento services, please see the special programs tab for more information. 

    What if I think my student has a learning disability? 

    Contact the special education department - school counselors do not test for learning disabilities, for more information, please see the special programs tab.

    What if I am interested in a 504 plan?

    For information on eligibility, process, and procedure - please see special programs tab. 




    How can my student contact you?

    If students “drop in” with no scheduled appointment, I cannot guarantee that I will be available to meet with them. Students who are in a crisis/have an emergency are expected to drop by my office without an appointment.

    Students are encouraged to request a meeting via email, request via “what happened” form, or by simply verbally communicating with me at some point before, during, or after their school day. 

  • Who do I contact with questions about classwork, grades, or missing assignments?

    If you have questions regarding your student’s grades/missing assignments, the first step is to contact the classroom teacher directly, via email or phone. Counselors are not teachers; we generally do not do classroom instruction. The teacher will be able to provide the most accurate information specific to your student. Furthermore, they can provide you details about the class’ curriculum and assignments, as well as provide input on your student’s effort, participation, and behavior.