Undertale Sans
Hello I am Junior so you might be wondering who is Undertale Sans. Well he is a skeleton in a game called Undertale
Undertale is my favorite game!!!!!!!!!!!! It is epic, especially Sans. He is a really important character. He is also mysterious since the monsters in the underground don't know where he came from. They say he "just appeared out of thin air."

See those skulls around him, those are ghaster blasters. G blasters for short. Sans is most people's favorite character.
Don't blame them, he is cool!
There are also other sans characters, like
Error!sans but other sans characters are fan made. Undertale sans is my favorite game character. Overall sans characters are amazing things. I can't add memes for some reason, search "sans meme" on Google. Here are more undertale characters. That is info of undertale characters. I love sans. It takes 1000000000000 times to beat sans, it is true look on youtube.