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  • Where the Red Fern Grows by Miss Flagel

    Do you want to know why I love dogs so much? It is because I have read Where the Red Fern Grows over 50 times! It is my all-time favorite book. This book tells the story of Billy Coleman and his quest to get two coon hounds and become a famous coon hunter. This book holds your attention from start to finish and is full of the best vocabulary around. I love the imagery that Wilson Rawls paints for his writers through his descriptions which always grab my heart...I laugh, I cry, I get hoppin' mad, too! That is just how great this book is. I also love the story of Wilson Rawls, the author, and how he loved to write but had the WORST spelling and grammar skills. He actually burned a whole trunk full of books because he thought they weren't good enough because he was such a bad speller. His wife heard about his little "bon fire," and told him to rewrite the story of the boy and his dogs. What took him three years to write the first time, took him just three week to write again, and that, my friends, is the awesome novel WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS! 

    Please, give yourself the gift of this book in your life by reading it! Better yet, start a book club or listen to it on audio-book. It will make you giggle, swoon, grit your teeth, and roll your eyes. I guarantee you will become a dog lover, just like me, if you read THIS book!